3 Example Report

The generation of a Word report is based on one main input file: the base document for the report in ‘.rmd’ (Report Markdown) format. The desired Word style and other settings are provided by a template file that is stored in the ‘IQReport/templates’ folder.

  • In the default web version, a single template file is provided ‘DefaultStyle.rmdt’.
  • Customized templates for desired corporate style and title pages can be provided on request.
  • Additional files in different formats can be imported from within the Report Markdown document. Such files are figures in PNG/JPG/GIF format, text files, PDF files, and table files.

3.1 Download example

A detailed example is provided as a zip file. Please download this zip file, unzip it and have a look at its contents. It provides the ‘example.rmd’ file and a folder ‘material’ in which elements are stored that are going to be included in the report (figures, tables, text files, PDF files). Additionally, it is shown how to include mathematical formulae.

3.2 Compile example

Reports can be compiled using a command line interface (IQReport). This is explained here based on the example report:

  • Obtain the example (zip file) and unzip it
  • Open a command line interface in Windows or Linux (bash), change into the folder of the example
  • Windows: execute the command: IQReport.bat example.rmd
  • Linux: execute the command: IQReport.sh example.rmd
  • A Word report is generated

It is also possible to run IQReport in R using the function ‘IQReport’ from IQRtools or the IQReportAPI R package that comes with IQReport.

IMPORTANT: Paths and file names of RMD files are not allowed to contain spaces “ “. This is checked during running of IQReport and the user is informed if not accepted characters are present.