7 IQReport R API

The installation folder of IQReport contains an R package that serves the following purposes:

  • It allows to construct RMD files programmatically directly from R.
  • It allows to run IQReport on RMD files.
  • It allows to export tables (data.frame or matrix) into the IQReport table text format.
  • It allows to generate compliance log information for each output that has been exported using the IQRoutput* functions.

7.1 Installation

The R source package of “IQReportAPI” is located in the “IQReport/Rlibrary” folder. For installation, open R, change working directory to the “IQReport/Rlibrary” folder and execute:

install.packages("IQReportAPI_0.3.0.tar.gz",repos = NULL,type = "source")