8 Release Notes

V1.58 November 22, 2022 (Linux and Windows)
- Allowed !INCLUDE(path_to_other_RMD_file). This includes the selected RMD file at the desired location. 
  If title information is present in the included RMD file it will be removed prior to inclusion. 
- Allowed !INCLUDE(path_to_other_RMD_file,indent_section_count). indent_section_count is an integer, defining
  the indentation of headers in the included RMD file. If not provided it is 0 by default.
- Fixed a bug that sometimes led to incorrect handling of !LANDSCAPE and !PORTRAIT tags.

V1.57 August 27, 2022 (Linux and Windows)
- Update to allow removal of compliance information.
- Allowing more flexible numbering of figures and tables.

V1.56 August 16, 2022 (Linux)
- Update to allow running with gs 9.50.

V1.55 March 28, 2022 (Linux)
- Allowing to include tables stored in DOCX files (one table per DOCX). By !TAB(file.docx).
  This allows inclusion of arbitrarily formatted tables - if needed.
- Fixed error that happened when no empty line was present before an unnumerberd section tag.

V1.54 December 07, 2021 (Linux)
- Better error message when pages: argument selects a page number in a PDF that is unavailable
- Allowing spaces in paths

V1.53 November 29, 2021 (Linux)
- !NOAPPENDIX tag removes appendix from generation
- transformText.R in rmd folder is executed on intermediate MD file

V1.52 July 15, 2021 (Linux)
- Removal of undesired empty paragraphs for tables without captions 
- Intro of !SPACE to generate vertical space by an empty paragraph

V1.51 March 31, 2021 (Windows and Linux)
- Update to allow a : behind Table and Figure Caption jointly with tab

V1.50 November 24, 2020 (Windows and Linux)
- Allow inclusion of arbitrary tables stored in docx files (single table per docx file).
  This allows, e.g., to include tables that have been generated with the flextable and 
  officer package in R.
- Handling of repetitive !LANDSCAPE and !PORTRAIT tags. If one follws a same one then 
  the following is ignored.
- This version is not available for MacOS - using IQReport via IQdesktop allows easy
  use on MacOS as well.

V1.24 November 11, 2019
- Empty line after figures and tables, breaking the keep next 
  and ensuring a nicer report layout
- Removed empty line post figure captions introduced in 1.23

V1.23 October 29, 2019
- " -- " in RMD replaced by en-dash
- Multipage figures with legends now also centered

V1.22 September 26, 2019
- If no log file then no page NR info for pdfs
- Font size argument for inline tables added again

V1.21 August 21, 2019
- Allowing footers/legends on inline tables 

V1.20 July 31, 2019
- Macros based on title content
- Flexible figure caption and legend placement 

V1.15 May 13, 2019
- Ensured UTF-8 compatibility to better support special characters added in V1.14

V1.14 April 17, 2019
- MacOS Version
- Checking pandoc version and handling it
- New IQReportAPI version with NONMEM table import and export and improved object handling

V1.12 December 24, 2018
- Allow in settings to add a page break after TOC before TOT
- Allow in settings inclusion of additional XML pages after title page 
- Allow in settings page break after TOT/TOF
- Allow figure caption above or below figure
- Message if figure scaling>100%

V1.11 November 1, 2018
- Handle title case for captions of inline tables - switched on in template
- Check \ in paths and convert to / ... needed for gs when PDF conversion
- !COM syntax highlighting
- Handle centering also for multi-page PDFs 

V1.10 October 18, 2018
- Check for \\ in path names (corporate machines)
- Text cross references now use Text 1, 2, 3 with @TXT  
- Allow List/Table of Texts similar to LoT and LoF to be set in settings.txt file
- Non-breaking space possible with   and macro: !~
- Added "center" argument for !FIG - default is 'true'
- Several additional improvements

V1.9 September 30, 2018
- Update notepad++ templates with R language 
- Add !RED, !GREEN, !BLUE macros to report templates
- !PDF uses default ignoreCaption:true
- !FIG and !PDF use by default crop:true
- Fixed missing file issue for !PDF
- Warning/handling when pages argument is set in !FIG or !PDF and numbers exceed the page numbers in the PDF
- Allowing different headers and footers for portrait and landscape pages

V1.8 September 3, 2018
- Fixed missing space in Section cross-references
- Some cosmetic fixes

V1.7 August 5, 2018
- Some cosmetic fixes
- !COM comments working correctly now

V1.6 July 28, 2018
- Improved handling of templates
- Minor bug fixes

V1.5 June 10, 2018
- Major rework of the backend
- Allowing missing figures, table, text by replacing with default content
- Increase of flexibility of Extended Markdown syntax
- Minor bug fixes

V1.0 April 19, 2018
- Linux version

V1.0 April 11, 2018
- Windows version
- Introduction of custom templates
- Improvement of user experience by providing notepad++ integration

V0.1-0.8 2016-2017
- First versions