IntiQuan IQReport Repository

By downloading and installing IQReport you agree to have read and understood the licensing agreement.

Quick Installation on Windows - directly from R

The easiest way to install IQReport on Windows is to call the following functions directly from R: The above commands do install IQReport and the IQReportAPI R package that allows to interface to IQReport from R.

If this does not work for you, or you want to install it on a non-Windows computer, then you will find below the standard installation procedure.

Download IQReport

Windows Version

Linux Version

  • Download IQReport software (IQReport.tar.gz)

    Installation of IQReport

    Windows Version

    Linux Version

    IQReport R API

    IQReport comes with a full R API, allowing to generate Word reports directly from R. The IQReportAPI R package is located in the "Rlibrary" folder in the "IQReport" installation folder and can be installed in R as just any other R package.

    Documentation of IQReport

    A detailed documentation of IQReport is available here: IQReport_Documentation.pdf.

    Support of IQReport

    A support forum is available at:

    Release Notes

    Release notes for different IQReport versions can be found here: RELEASE_NOTES.txt

    Customized IQReport Versions

    IQReport can be customized to generate Word documents in the exact Word style required by a corporation. In the default download only a default Word style is available. If you are interested to have a customized version, tailored to your corporate style, contact us ( for a quote. In addition to custom Word templates also the NotePad++ syntax highlighting and contained text macros can be customized.